What Makes A Beautiful Woman Beautiful?

There have been many times in life where beautiful women have been the subject of artists, politicians and the press. Their looks have overshadowed everything else when they walk into a room. Many people believe this is simply physical beauty and these women were born lucky. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beautiful women work to achieve their beauty and maintain it. They understand that good looks are only a starting place. Their beauty is contained within them through their confidence, kindness and artistic approach to their appearance.

Achieving the status of being a beautiful woman begins with being healthy and keeping fit. Beauty should be much more than skin deep. It must encompass every part of a woman's body. She must take care to eat right and exercise on a regular basis. It does not matter how she achieves this, but it needs to be done every day and in a balanced way. Fad diets and occasional exercise will not keep a woman beautiful for long.

Hair and facial features are important for beautiful women. While they may start with good bones, stunning eyes and a wealth of hair, they must enhance these features. Makeup is a good way to enhance beauty. It should be used sparingly and accentuate good features while covering or diminishing less than perfect ones. Never should it be glaring or very noticeable. Taking care to keep hair healthy and styled is just one more facet of being a beautiful woman.

Dress, accessories and smooth movements are the final touches of beauty on any woman. Wearing clothes that fit correctly and accentuate her body makes a woman truly beautiful. Accessories that are understated and match her overall look support a woman's true beauty. Moving in a graceful way is expected of a woman of beauty. She must combine all her natural gifts and knowledge to be a truly beautiful woman.